What happens at Peace of Mindful?

Our weekly gatherings at Peace of Mindful include periods of seated and walking meditation. Experienced meditators are encouraged to use this time in whatever way is useful to them; beginners are encouraged to begin with mindful breathing exercises, for which instruction is provided.

Walking meditation provides a different experience of mindfulness, allowing a break from long periods of sitting while still maintaining mindful awareness. Instructions for walking meditation are provided.

Each session concludes with conversation, question and answer period, and/or some other practice or teaching. Each week is a different experience, depending on who shows up and what the topic is. Participants are encouraged to practice on their own at home as well, and bring questions or insights that arise to fuel discussion.

Where is Peace of Mindful?

Peace of Mindful is a ministry of St Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church, 350 White Horse Ave, Hamilton NJ.