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At Peace of Mindful, community is central to everything that we do. As we commit to our intention to be present and embody compassion and kindness in our lives, it is the support of the community, or what we call sangha, that makes the difference.

Our mission in sparking the mindfulness revolution is to offer mindfulness training, practice, and community for free. To do this, we depend on the generosity of our members. We encourage you to consider becoming a member to support the Peace of Mindful community and make our work a reality.

Membership Levels

  • Friend: $25/month. The friend membership level is based on the minimum suggested donation for one class per week.
  • Supporter: $50/month. The supporter membership level is based on the actual cost of supporting the program.
  • Benefactor: $100/month. The benefactor membership level allows us to subsidize the cost of our classes when necessary. The generosity of our benefactors allows us to offer programs to the community regardless of ability to donate.

These levels are simply suggestions – we are grateful for membership donations at any amount. Without the generosity of our members, our mission to promote physical, emotional, and mental health and wellness cannot be realized. We hope you will consider supporting this community by joining today.

Membership Levels
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