About Peace of Mindful

Peace of Mindful is a community that teaches and practices mindfulness meditation in the central New Jersey area. It was founded as a ministry of St. Mark Lutheran Church in Hamilton by their pastor, Rev. Ian Hill, and church council in 2017, with financial support from the New Jersey Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Peace of Mindful has been built on a combination of Rev. Ian’s passion for and experience with meditation practice, as well as a need for a meditation center in Mercer County where St. Mark is located.

On any given week, a dozen or so people from the area from various walks of life and religious traditions gather to learn how to meditate, or to practice with others. Sessions usually include periods of basic seated and walking meditation, as well as a variety of other meditative practices, teachings, and discussions. A unique joy of this community is how everyone brings their own experience – we learn from and with each other, regardless of experience or tradition.

Although donations are always accepted and encouraged, there are no costs to attend meditation practice; we believe that the gifts and benefits of meditation instruction and practice should be free and available to everyone.

Welcome to Peace of Mindful.