What is Peace of Mindful?

Peace of Mindful is a community dedicated to teaching and practicing mindfulness meditation in central New Jersey.

Our path is grounded in the Vipassana (insight) meditation tradition, as well as basic mindfulness practice.

By walking this path together, we hope to help faith seekers from all walks of life develop meditation practices
that cultivate lovingkindness and compassion for the sake of the world.

Wherever you are on your journey, welcome to Peace of Mindful.

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What happens at Peace of Mindful?

Peace of Mindful offers opportunities to train in and practice a variety of meditation techniques along with others under the instruction of a teacher. Some of the meditation techniques that are taught and practiced include:

  • Basic Mindfulness
  • Metta (loving-kindness)
  • Forgiveness
  • Mantra (coming soon!)

In addition to promoting physical, emotional, and mental health and wellness through these practices, our true effort is to develop lovingkindness and compassion in our everyday lives. We hope that the meditation instruction offered at Peace of Mindful will help you develop your own daily practice. We encourage you to continue to attend regularly, which provides you with an opportunity to ask questions and have discussions which will help you learn and stay rooted in your practice.

Meditation is a lifelong effort of learning, openness, growing, and most importantly, love, and the community of Peace of Mindful is here to support you in your practice and daily living!

Where is Peace of Mindful?

Peace of Mindful is a ministry of St Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church, 350 White Horse Ave, Hamilton NJ.